Terms and Conditions of Service

The terms, "Seller" and "Advertiser" refer to the person or company which places an ad on Puppy Verify’s Nosheddoodles.com website. This person or company alone, and not Nosheddoodles.com, is responsible to fulfill any promises or representations contained in any website advertisement.

There are no situations whatsoever where Nosheddoodles.com is responsible or liable for any advertisement or part of any advertisement. Nosheddoodles.com serves only as a resource for sellers to display their products and services and for buyers to locate these products and services. Nosheddoodles.com does not own, contact, touch, sell, inventory, house, or transport any advertised puppy.

Advertisers and Sellers are solely responsible for their own compliance with federal, state and local laws and Nosheddoodles.com does not monitor its advertisements for compliance nor is it permitted to provide legal advice.

Nosheddoodles.com is not liable for any damage, injury or claim resulting from a listing on its website by any of the many advertisers and sellers who offer services or products.

Privacy Policy

Nosheddoodles.com will never sell or rent out customer information. Information placed into the content of your listing is the only information that will be made available to the public.

Refund Policy (Only for products purchased directly from and payment made to Nosheddoodles.com, not to be confused with any products purchased from advertisers on Nosheddoodles.com)

Nosheddoodles.com refund policy is limited to providing refunds only in cases where a website malfunction or error would prohibit your advertisement from being listed on LancasterPuppies.com for the time frame purchased. For example, if you purchase a 45-day puppy classified listing and your ad is not available for viewing (with allowance for industry standard of 99.9% webserver uptime) for the entire 45 day duration promised, you would be due a refund prorated by the timeframe your ad was not made available for viewing. Excluded from the above scenario is the event of a customer requesting his advertisement be removed from the website for any reason. In such a case no refund is due.

Shipping Policy

Unless purchased product is specifically presented as shippable, all products (This is not to be confused with the products/services advertised on Nosheddoodles.com, such as puppies, etc, which are shippable, but are purchased from the sellers buying advertising space on Nosheddoodles.com) offered on Nosheddoodles.com are advertising service only. Nosheddoodles.com only sells advertising space on our website. Since we cannot physically ship digital listings, all services rendered are done so via the Internet.

Placing an ad on or browsing products or service on our website confirms that you have read and have agreed to be bound by Nosheddoodles.com’s above disclaimers.

Copyright Policy

You must own the rights or have permission to use all photos you upload on Nosheddoodles.com. By uploading pictures, you acknowledge that you either own the copyright to them, or you have permission to use the photos. You also authorize Nosheddoodles.com to use the photos as we see fit in promoting your listing. Nosheddoodles.com will not sell or rent photos you uploaded. We will use the photos on our social media platforms to promote the website.